BAKINDO HEAD-TO-TOE : Affordable Natural moisturizer for men


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Not into the whole skincare routine?! No worries. Our Bakindo Head-to-Toe Multi-Tool blend can be used as a quick head-to-toe moisturizer for our busy Bakindos.

This blend is loaded with essential vitamins, and the hand-whipped shea leaves a nourishing, yet breathable, moisture barrier on your skin. This Bakindo product is perfect for hydrating, conditioning and toning the face, body and beard without the greasy, oily residue.

Why It Works: Nabakindo’s classic blend is perfect for preventing and treating dry skin. Whipped shea maintains maximum hydration throughout the day. 

How To Use: For best results, apply every day after bathing. Avoid eye contact. Do not ingest.

Only 2 Ingredients:

  • Shea Butter (butyrospermum parkii)
  • Vegan Natural Fragrance

Nabakindo Value: Hand-selected, Natural Ingredients | 100% Plant and/or Mineral Material | 100% Vegan | Preservative Free | Cruelty Free | Small Batch Handmade | Crafted with Compassion | Locally Made in Pittsburgh, PA

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